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John Bramblitt teaches a young girl who is going blind to paint by touch.- Podcast

Go to:  John Bramblitt artist's page.

Pluto Media recently discovered an amazing story which has inspired us. Olivia is a young Australian. She is a typical young girl, full energy and full of life. In May this year Olivia received some devastating news; she was diagnosed with a rare and inoperable eye condition. Olivia will be completely blind by the time she reaches her mid teens. Her family decided that rather than wait for this to happen, they wanted to give her as many experiences as possible. A wish list of things to accomplish was created.....to tackle the world and, literally, to see as much as possible prior to Olivia losing her sight. On that list, and close to the top, was a meeting with an incredible man John Bramblitt. John is an artist from Texas and, as some of you may know, is also blind. John uses a method to paint incredible, vibrant art. He uses raised line drawings and textured paint. Olivia wanted to learn how to paint by touch, to create images by feel. The family reached out to John. They flew all the way to see him in his house in Texas and he showed Olivia the techniques he uses as a blind artist. John talks about his experience of teaching Olivia and how excited her family was to be shown how art can be created even without sight.

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