John Bramblitt

John Bramblitt is an artist living in Denton Texas, his art has been sold in over thirty countries and he has appeared internationally in print, TV and radio. He has appeared on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, ABC, NBC, FOX, Discovery Channel and BBC Radio and TV to name a few outlets, and he's been featured in The New York Times and Psychology Today as well as designed the artwork for numerous magazine covers and even the artwork for major film productions. He's the subject of the award winning documentary shorts "Line of Sight',  “Bramblitt”, and the most current one still touring film festivals, "John".  His work has received much recognition including the ‘Most Inspirational Video of 2008′ from YouTube and three Presidential Service Awards for his innovative art workshops.  John lost the remainder of his vision in 2001 along with 40% of his hearing, and has had Epilepsy from childhood - John says that life for him now is more colorful and vibrant than ever before, and that challenges are just an oppurtunity for a person to get to know oneself a little better.

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