Alyssa Christine Tecson – The Artist

Alyssa Christine Tecson was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. As a child, Alyssa found immense pleasure in drawing. She excelled in drafting when during her high school years, and her interest in the arts grew. When she went to college, she was pre-occupied with her chosen course in nursing. She was only able to enjoy her passion in drawing through drawing competitions in colleges and in her anatomy class. Alyssa is currently a pediatric nurse in a tertiary hospital. She started drawing again in 2015 using her cellular phone making digital portraits. She kept exploring and opted to go back to traditional portraiture on the same year. She tried colored pencil portraiture and decided to finally focus in making portraits in 2016. Since that day, there has been no looking back. Recently, she is practicing watercolor portraiture and painting. She looks up to Erwin Mallari, Jun Velasco and Sonny Correces jr. and other Filipino watercolorists/artists and considers them her influences. Alyssa has experimented with several mediums, but colored pencils tend to be her most preferred medium especially for portraiture. Being a self-taught artist gives her the freedom and proficiency to express herself with her medium, her work has evolved through her own personal experience. She strives to improve her craft with every new landscape or facial features she paints. Alyssa is primarily a colored pencil artist. Two of her works are currently represented at a local exhibit in Cebu, Philippines

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